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Ashley Wendler Workshop March 13-14 (Pi Day!😉)

W We had typical March weather for our workshop - Wednesday at the farm was a Lamb (sunny, mild temps) and Thursday at the University of St. Francis was a Lion (winds, rainy, stormy)!

    The first day was directed to the topics of Change Of Behavior (individual to each dog), assisting our dog as part of the team, and driving to and staying at source.  One of the exercises we did was to work a Blank search and then the same one with a Hide (odor).  This was especially helpful to me because Briggs is still learning the game, and I'm still learning to read him!  Ashley is not only an excellent observer of our dogs, she also accurately reads our body language as handlers and how it impacts our dogs.  She gave us a lot of good tips on how we can assist our dogs with our handling.  The 'Box Game' (which I thought Alex's suggestion of renaming it 'Stick and Spam' was clever!) is something I want to continue with both Briggs and Cooper T. 

     Wednesday evening was a chance to relax, visit, eat some great food, and share our 'lightbulb' moments.  Thursday started out (about 2 AM) with lightning and thunder.  It didn't get any better but we did have a few breaks in the rain during the day.  We were able to crate inside at St. Francis, which was a big benefit.  Everyone worked together and it worked well!  Ashley set up some great search areas - she was able to accommodate the different levels of dogs, so lower level dogs weren't overwhelmed and the Elite dogs/handlers got some great experience.  As usual, we all appreciated her coaching.  I was so glad for the chance to work a large auditorium with Cooper T - we don't always have that opportunity (except at trials!).  

     Many thanks to Ashley, University of St. Francis, and all the participants.  We always learn some good stuff and we have a lot of fun at these workshops (ask any of us when Pi Day is😂).  That's why I am glad to host them!  I hope to see familiar faces and new faces at the next one.....

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